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Justified Fic: This Is A Modern Fairytale

TITLE: This Is A Modern Fairytale
FANDOMS: Justified, Southland
CHARACTERS: Raylan Givens, Rachel Brooks, Art Mullens, Tim Gutterson, Lydia Adams, Mrs. Brooks (Rachel’s mom), Nick (Rachel’s nephew), Boyd Crowder, Diego Ochoa, Josie Ochoa
PAIRING: Raylan Givens/Rachel Brooks
DISCLAIMER: Raylan Givens & Justified are the property of Elmore Leonard, Graham Yost & FX. Southland is the property of Ann Biderman & Warner Bros. Credit to all those guys for the inspiration and, at times, direct dialogue from the shows.
CATEGORY: Het (AU. Starts out pre-series then an AU of the series.)
WARNING: Spoilers dialogue taken from various episodes through the end of S5. I haven’t seen all of S6 (I know. I know.) so no spoilers in the comments please!
SUMMARY: Where Rachel likes Raylan despite herself.
1) For the Heroine Big Bang/Little Bang 2016 challenge. Thanks to traycer_ and red_b_rackham for running the challenge. Thanks for shetiger for the art!

2) Title from The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez.

3) Spoilers for Seasons 1-5.

4) Rachel needs a friend and in my head she’s friends with Det. Lydia Adams from Southland. They met a National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement’s annual convention years ago and have been friends ever since. Diego Ochoa and Josie Ochoa are also from Southland as well. Minor spoilers for the series. Nothing that will hurt your enjoyment of the show if you decide to watch it. Rachel’s also friends with Joss.No spoilers for that show.

5) I don’t even know when I started this fic. I just had pieces of the beginning in my head. And every time I heard the song Stay by Rihanna, I’d always think of Rachel and Raylan. As I’ve written this over several months, I’ve thought of these characters when I’ve heard certain songs. Voila, a Fan Mix will be forthcoming. I ship R/R even though Rachel on the show should not become involved with Raylan on the show. (Erica Tazel’s thought on the matter can be found at here.) I decided to write a fic where they could be in a relationship without Rachel looking like a fool and Raylan, a little less dickish and a little more self-preservation. I hope I pulled it off.

6) If you’ve read a couple of my other R/R fics, you’ll notice they’ve been incorporated somewhat into this story because they fit so well.

Finally the beginning notes are done. More @ the end.

Onto the fic.
Tags: fandom fic: justified, hetbigbang 2016

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