happy is as happy does (happywriter06) wrote,
happy is as happy does

I'm doing it.

Tags: bleeding on the page, bunny get out of my head, fic challenge, heroinebigbang2016, team omgwdijd

  • Sons of Anarchy Fic: The Most Unlikely Pair

    TITLE: The Most Unlikely Pair FANDOM: Sons of Anarchy ARTIST: ideare (Art can be found here .) CHARACTERS: Tara…

  • Another challenge!

    het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!! Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het…

  • PB Fic: Red

    Title: Red Rating: R Category: Slash, AU Pairings: Jane Phillips/Sara Tancredi Warnings: If you know who Jane is then you're fine.…

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