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PB Fic: Red

Title: Red
Rating: R
Category: Slash, AU
Pairings: Jane Phillips/Sara Tancredi
Warnings: If you know who Jane is then you're fine.  
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, things would’ve turned out much differently.  
Notes: clair_de_lune asked for Prison Break, Sara Tancredi/Jane Phillips, friends with benefits, bathtub in oxoniensis’s Porn Battle XIV.

Jane has always had a thing for redheads. Around the time she realized she liked girls as much as boys she got a new best friend. Susie was all red curls with perfect teeth and breasts.

Jane’s roommate her freshman year of college was a redheaded Marilyn Monroe type, curvy, flirty and the breathy voice. They were such a cliché, getting drunk and then getting each other off.

Her roommate at Quantico was a redhead with a pixie cut, all muscle and the best competition Jane ever had. Even in the bedroom.

When she meets Sara, she can’t help but wonder if the universe is fucking with her. There’s no doubt they’ll be best friends because she likes what Sara is all about right away. She’s a fighter and gorgeous. She’s always had a thing for women with spirit.

It’s Girl’s Day. The first after the dust has settled. The guys are off doing whatever on the Christina Rose so Sara and Jane hang out. Breakfast is at a little café in town. Then shopping. Then lunch at their favorite cantina. Dinner is at the neighbors because Miguel had quite the haul fishing and just had to celebrate. After, they go back to the Sara and Michael’s place to watch the sunset.

After the last slip of orange is leaving the sky, Sara says, “I’m going to head in. Take a bath. It feels like one of those days.”

Jane stretches, replies, “Okay. Today was fun.” She never thought she would get a chance to say something like that so her smile is truly genuine.

“Yeah. You don’t have to go though.” There’s no hint of a blush in Sara’s cheeks, she looks Jane right in the eye.

Jane swallows, asks, “What?” Her voice is low, whisper like.

“Just follow me.” Sara stands and reaches out for Jane’s.

Jane feels awkward, nervous. This is Sara, who she admittedly fantasized about a time or two or twelve, and this shouldn’t be happening. Jane’s pretty sure she’s not wrong about what this is. Sara’s got a good grip on her hand like she doesn’t feel anything Jane’s feeling.

Sara sits on the edge, letting the water flow over her fingers. “Do you like it hot?” Her smile alerts Jane to the fact that she’s not just talking about the water.

“Warm water. Warm is good. Don’t want to get burned.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen.” That should be Jane’s clue to ask more questions. She doesn’t because Sara stands and undoes the halter of her dress, a blue slip of a thing that barely hits her mid-thigh. Her caramel colored bikini underneath is a shade or two darker than her skin. She’s in great shape, toned stomach and thighs from early morning swims, perky breasts because gravity is still kind. She slips in the tub with its still running water and asks, “You going to stand there or join me?”

Jane blushes at how uncool she’s acting like some teenager about to get some for the very first time. Too much sun, seafood and Lincoln has her going soft. The thought of Lincoln makes her pause in the movements. Then she smiles because he’d approved once he got over the initial shock.

“What?” Sara asks.

“Nothing,” Jane tells her.

Her tank and shorts are on the floor as she unhooks the clasps on the pink one piece with cutouts on each side. It had been Sara’s choice and she’d been right. Jane does look good in it. As if reading her mind, Sara comments, “I think you’d look better out of it.” Her wide smile makes Jane blush some more. Jane keeps in shape, too, because besides always knowing the entrances and exits to every place, she can’t not exercise.

Jane steps into the tub and makes to settle in at the opposite end when Sara reaches for her. She pulls until Jane sits on her lap.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time,” Sara confesses before she kisses Jane. It’s a soft press of her lips before her tongue is testing the seam of Jane’s lips. Her lips part and Sara’s tongue slides inside, searching. They both taste like beer and the dessert Mariela had made.

Sara’s mouth is wanton in his ministrations but her hands stay firmly planted on Jane’s sides. Jane’s hands wander over Sara’s breasts, which make Sara gasp. Down her belly, which quivers at Jane’s touch. When Jane slides her fingers between Sara’s lips, Sara seems surprised, like she’s never gotten this far before.

“First time?” Jane asks, fingers teasing at her clit. Sara doesn’t speak, nods yes and pushes against Jane’s fingers. Jane’s body temperature goes into the triple digits at that knowledge. “Switch with me.”

She slides to the other side of the tub and Sara follows, straddling Jane’s thighs. “Hold onto the edge of the tub.”

Sara leans over Jane, her breasts right at the level of Jane’s mouth. Jane pushes the hair that’s plastered to Sara’s skin out of the way. Her tongue swirls around Sara’s left breast until she at the nipple. She takes it between her teeth as her fingers find Sara’s entrance.

Sara’s slick and warm inside. Her finger slides in and out until Sara moans for more. Two fingers in and Sara clenches around her. Jane’s other hand finds Sara’s clit again and tries to match the rhythm of her other hand. Jane leaves Sara’s right breast alone to look at Sara’s face.

Jane looks into pupils dark with pleasure. Her face is flushed, sweat everywhere, water spiking her eyelashes. Her eyelids flutter closed, her mouth opens on a loud grunt as Jane adds a third finger. Sara’s gorgeous like this, so willing and open. Better than any fantasy Jane’s every had.

Sara comes with Jane’s name on her lips.

A nip to the shoulder takes her from almost wake to fully there. She turns and there’s Sara smiling at her. “Morning.”

“Morning,” Jane returns, her smile not as bright but it’s there because Sara is here and not hiding, waiting for Jane to back to her place. “Be right back.” She slides out of bed conscious of her naked body and how Sara’s eyes follow her. She goes to the bathroom, swishes some toothpaste in her mouth, and splashes some water on her face. She’s tempted to pick up her clothes and put them back on before going back out to face Sara. When she gets back into the room, Sara is sitting in the middle of the bed, naked, legs tucked under her.

“How come you’re not freaking out about this?” Jane asks, making a valiant effort to focus on Sara’s face as she leans against the doorframe, arms crossed over chest, trying to look more comfortable than she feels.

“After everything life’s too short not to go after what you want.” Jane doesn’t say anything, even if she understands. “And I wanted you and I’m going to want you again if that’s okay with you?”

Jane laughs. “Okay.” A one off makes sense. Any more? Doesn’t. “I think Michael might take issue with that.”

Sara smiles that smile Jane has come to know means I’m smarter than you. “You don’t have to worry about him.”

Additional Notes: So if this doesn't make sense, hopefully the two fics that follow will. I plan for this to be a trilogy. Yeah, the plot bunnies kept coming.

Tags: fandom fic: prison break, fic challenge

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