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PB Fic: I'm Glad You Came

Title: I’m Glad You Came
Rating: R
Category: Het, AU
Pairings: Lincoln Burrows/Jane Phillips
Warnings: If you know who Jane is you're fine.
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, it would've turned out much better.
Notes: For scifishipper’s prompt at oxoniensisPorn Battle XIV. She wanted Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows/Jane Phillips, unexpected, lust, race, bath, beach, weapons, sexy, company. I couldn’t pass up someone actually prompting these two. Title from The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.” I like this song way too much.

The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now

She lets the friend of the young man that owns the boat help her and her bag off. She walks from the shore to the porch steps. He stands frozen, one hand gripping the railing as he watches her move.

Lincolnd doesn’t speak and doesn’t give her much chance to, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her to him, once she’s close enough. His reaction isn’t entirely unexpected and definitely not unwelcome even if she needs a bath – a nice, long, luxurious one – and to take the gun holster off she’s had to wear for far too long.  

He kisses her like he’s been waiting to do it since forever. The kiss reawakens the lust she now admits to feeling for him since the safe house. She tampered the feeling down, down, deep. She couldn’t let it distract her from the mission of taking down The Company. Besides she chucked it up to being lonely and tired and he couldn’t keep his damn shirt buttoned.

His hands move up, finding the holster, under the button down she’d wore to hide it. It stops him. He looks at her. She wants to say ‘sorry’ because it’s a reminder and yet she couldn’t leave it, not until she got to this place and could be sure she really wouldn’t need it. He smiles, it soft and understanding, and so damn sexy.

This time it’s her that kisses him, bringing his face down to hers to lick into his mouth. She pushes him after a couple of seconds. She’d seen the chairs on the porch. It’s going to be awkward but she doesn’t care. She can’t wait.

His legs hit the chair and she says, “Drop your pants.” That certainly wasn’t the first thing she expected to say to him but it just may well be the best thing. At the same time he drops his cargo shorts, she’s sliding her khaki shorts down her legs. They both laugh at the fact that neither of them are wearing underwear. “Too damn hot!” they say at the same time.

He sits down, cock straight up, thick and ready. She slides her knees onto the seat to straddle him. “It’s been a while,” he says. Her stomach dips at his words. It’s been over for long enough for him to have done something with someone. There are probably a dozen reasons why, yet she can’t stop the way her stomach dips thinking she may be one of them.

“Me, too,” she whispers against his lips as she starts to work her way down. Up, down, up, down until the initial resistance is gone, until it’s an easy slide to have him fully inside. “Yes,” she breathes against his lips, her forehead pressed against his. “Yes.”

She can barely hear the sound of the waves hitting the beach as he chants fuck into the night air. Thank God, the bungalow is tucked away, behind some trees and it’s late enough that the sky can hide what the trees can’t if anyone happens to be out enjoying the beautiful night.

She can’t even speak. Just moans and tries to catch her breath. He feels so good, his dick pulsing inside of her, his hands roaming over body, his breath on skin.

The chair creaks, not like it’s going to break but that’s it’s not used to this: her holding onto its back, him arching up to glide in and out of her at jackhammer’s pace. If this were a race, she thinks she might win. How she can feel everything tightening up.

He sneaks a hand in between them, sliding through the sweat on her belly, fine hairs and between her lips. “Shit,” she hisses.

“Yeah, just like that,” he growls in her ear.

The reverberation, the almost too hard press of his fingers has her coming soon. She clenches around his cock, feels just how much friction there is now. 

He comes with his face buried in her neck and hands gripping her ass. She wraps her arms around his neck and breathes in the sea air and sweat. Neither of them moves any further until their breathing is back to normal.

“That’s the best welcome I’ve ever gotten,” she tells him, pulling back to look at him.

“And it’s not over yet,” he promises pulling her back in for a kiss.

Tags: fandom fic: prison break, fic challenge

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