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PB Fic: Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait
Rating: R
Category: Het, AU
Pairings: Lincoln Burrows/Jane Phillips
Warnings: If you know who Jane is you're fine.
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, it would've turned out much better.
Notes: So I wrote this while I was in a meeting. Just out the blue this idea about Jane in a suit comes back to me. The last time I had an idea like this was in 2007.

Their legal team is the best money can buy. It’s not just words, they really care and definitely earning their pay. The team is so good they hired a media consultant, who has a team of her own, that handles all that stuff, even their appearances at the Congressional hearings into The Company. The consultant, Tasha Lyles, suggested Jane wear dark suits – not black because it’s too severe – fitted but not too much, her hair be pulled back in a bun, and natural makeup to soften her up.

Lincoln’s has seen Jane looking sexier like post sex – skin flushed, hair mussed and sweat on her upper lip. How she leaves everyday for the hearings is a very close second. He’s always tempted to push up her skirt and fuck her against the nearest hard surface. He never does though because Jane would kill him as well as Tasha. Tasha’s always early, how early depends on the day, and because Jane is Jane she’s always ready no matter what time Tasha comes by to pick her up.

They’ve been holed up in a hotel none of them would have ever been able to afford, not even Michael, back in day. They have a whole floor to themselves with twenty-four hour security. When they aren’t testifying – even LJ has had to – they sleep, eat, watch TV and whatever else they can think of to lessen the cabin fever. They’ve been on the run for long enough that standing still is welcome yet difficult under the circumstances. They can’t wait to go somewhere and be forgotten.

Jane hadn’t wanted anyone to come with her to the hearings. She never really said why, just that she wanted to do it on her own. Lincoln felt like an ass like he was being a bad boyfriend, though they’ve never talked about this thing between them like that, for not pressing the issue. The second day of her testimony, he figures out why.

The door closing and a body clumping against it wakes him up. He didn’t mean to fall asleep. Some senator that looks like he’s two hundred years old interrupted Jane to speak. He just kept talking. It was enough to knock Lincoln out for more than hour according to his watch.

He looks over at Jane. “You’re ho… back early.” She’s stepping out of her shoes then shrugging out of her suit jacket. The creamy in color silk sleeveless top with its V-neck shows off equally creamy skin.

“Got done early. My last day. Thank God.”

He’s walking towards her now. “Don’t take anything else off.”

“Why?” she asks even though she knows the answer, his predatory smile says it all.

He gets within an inch of her, bends down just enough to slide her skirt up and get his hands on her. She opens her mouth to say something when he kisses her. It’s slow and nice, enough to make her forget everything.

He fingers the strip of fabric on both sides of her waist then slides his fingers down the edge of her panties in the inside of her thighs. She shivers a bit at the contact, the pads of his fingertips a little rough. She opens her legs wider, reaches down to keep her skirt out of the way, though her hands would rather be occupied running up and down his back.

He doesn’t stop kissing her, moving from her mouth to her chin, her neck and then back again. There’s urgency in the kisses now. He reaches inside her panties, between her lips to feel how wet she is right now.  Jane’s moan is lost between his lips and hers.

His cock has been tenting his pants since he first kissed her and now twitches in anticipation at the feel of how wet she’s become. She’s not all the way there but it’s enough. He’s glad he only put on sweats today. With one hand he’s pulling his dick out and with the other pulling her panties to the side.

When he’s right at her entrance, she raises one leg around his hip. Jane urges him on, says, “I’m ready” as he pushes in hard and fast. She hisses as he glides inside of her. She lets go of her skirt, arms now wrapped around his neck and hands clutching at his head.

He has to bring her other leg up to really do what he wants to do, which is to make her crazy. Lincoln’s strokes are quick and fast, as hard as they can be given the angle. She’s pressed hard against the door, making it bounce against the frame, the noise mixing with their pants and grunts.

She presses down as much as she can, wanting him to hit that spot. Their kisses now are rougher, dirtier, so much so that she bites his lip when she comes. That bit of pain is enough to having him coming, too.

“Been wanting to do that all week, every morning,” Linc breathes out, warm air on her neck.

She laughs. “Tasha would’ve killed you.”

“Then you’d come back every day with her right on your heels.”

She laughs at how he sounds like he’s pouting. She picks up her head up off his shoulder and looks at him. “Was it worth the wait?”



Writing this made me look at my 'In Progress' fic folder for PB. Man, do I have quite a few L/J fics that could be one long fic or several in a series. *sigh* Another fic project on my to do list.

Sorry this wasn't pornier. I'm rusty.

Tags: fandom fic: prison break

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