January 20th, 2013

L&J complicated - PB (in my dreams)

PB Fic: I'm Glad You Came

Title: I’m Glad You Came
Rating: R
Category: Het, AU
Pairings: Lincoln Burrows/Jane Phillips
Warnings: If you know who Jane is you're fine.
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, it would've turned out much better.
Notes: For scifishipper’s prompt at oxoniensisPorn Battle XIV. She wanted Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows/Jane Phillips, unexpected, lust, race, bath, beach, weapons, sexy, company. I couldn’t pass up someone actually prompting these two. Title from The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.” I like this song way too much.

The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now

Collapse )