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A birthday gift.

Title: Surrender
Author: happywriter06
Fandom: Prison Break
Rating: PG
Category: Slash (Pre-series)
Characters: Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows

Disclaimer: If I owned PB, Sa.. Well you already know.
Notes: Written for [info]halfshellvenus' birthday. She wrote me this lovely het fic, something she doesn't really do. So I stepped out my comfort zone here. I hope you like. Thanks [info]chanchito_z for the beta. 


“Linc what are you doing?” Michael asks slightly irritated. Still, even after they’ve been out here for at least an hour staring up at the stars.


“Well, that doesn’t feel like nothing.”

“What would that be?”

It could be the press of Linc’s groin against his side. There’s more pressure there now, more than it was just a moment ago. It could be the creep of Linc’s hand under Michael’s shirt as he glides across his stomach. Or it could be the whisper of Linc’s tongue ghosting across the skin of his neck.

“All of it,” Michael gasps out as Linc’s hand makes it way inside Michael’s pants. He hadn’t had time to dress properly, just hastily throwing on a pair of old sweats after Linc told him they had to go. He should have pushed Linc off. He should have refused to get in the truck. He should have never given Linc a key.

When Michael asked where they were going, Linc only replied that it would be a surprise. Apparently the surprise wasn’t the destination. It was just some deserted lot behind some abandoned warehouse in some part of town Michael isn’t too familiar with anymore.

“We haven’t done this in a long time,” Michael whispers because he doesn’t have the ability to say it louder. But he wants to. He always wants to do a lot of things that involve standing up to his brother but he never follows through. He’s been hurt. But Linc has been hurt worse. 


Tags: fandom fic: prison break, prison break girls do it better

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